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THE AMERICAN ECONOMY is based on a private enterprise system in which the millions of individual choices made by consumers, workers, and citizens, in sum, affect the decisions made by business owners and government officials.

The preservation and effectiveness of such a system depends on the ability of individuals to make wise economic decisions related to their personal financial affairs, the successful operation of organizations, and the economic activities of the country. To make these informed decisions, individuals must understand how the system operates as well as their own role in the system.

The concepts contained in these standards are important for the successful management of personal financial and business activities. They link to basic economic concepts that all students should master, such as the following:

The growing emphasis on financial literacy has highlighted the need for students to learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must make, and how to make informed decisions related to managing finances and budgeting, saving and investing, living independently, earning and reporting income, buying goods and services, using credit, banking, and protecting against risk. The standards have been updated to reflect this emphasis.

Knowing and understanding these concepts offers the necessary analytical tools for addressing economic issues, both personal and societal. Understanding economic principles and developing sound financial literacy skills provide the basis for responsible citizenship, financial solvency, and career success

I. Foundations of Communication
Achievement Standard: Communicate in a clear, complete, concise, correct, and courteous manner on personal and professional levels.

II. Societal Communication
Achievement Standard: Apply basic social communication skills in personal and professional situations.

III. Workplace Communication
Achievement Standard: Incorporate appropriate leadership and supervision techniques, customer service strategies, and personal ethics standards to communicate effectively with various business constituencies.

IV. Technological Communication
Achievement Standard: Use technology to enhance the effectiveness of communication.

From the National Standards for Business Education © 2007 by the National Business Education Association, 1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191.