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MARKETING education introduces students to the processes and functions involved in providing products or services that meet consumers’ wants and needs. As a major business function, marketing impacts both the domestic and International economies.

Marketing exists within a dynamic environment of rapidly evolving technology and constant change, emerging interdependent nations and their economies, and increasing demands for ethical and social responsibility. These themes are fully developed and integrated within the major elements of marketing presented in these standards.

The development of new marketing technologies (for example, fingerprint authentication and loyalty cards) is having a profound effect on how marketing is conducted and on how marketing plans are created. Internet technologies in particular have allowed companies to use one-on-one advertising and promotion to customers who register with their Web sites. The global economy (and the influence of the emerging economies) is also changing marketers’ perceptions about the role culture plays in marketing products. Despite these changes, there are at least two major principles related to marketing that all students should understand:

The study of marketing in grades K–14 can help students gain a clearer picture of how key business functions are directly related to marketing activities. In addition, taking marketing courses may inspire students to study marketing at a more advanced level, which can be a springboard for a challenging and lucrative career.

I. Foundations of Marketing
Achievement Standard: Recognize the customer-oriented nature of marketing and analyze the impact of marketing activities on the individual, business, and society.

II. Consumers and Their Behavior
Achievement Standard: Analyze the characteristics, motivations, and behaviors of consumers.

III. External Factors
Achievement Standard: Analyze the influence of external factors on marketing.

IV. The Marketing Mix
Achievement Standard: Analyze the elements of the marketing mix, their interrelationships, and how they are used in the marketing process.

V. Marketing Research
Achievement Standard: Analyze the role of marketing research in decision making.

VI. The Marketing Plan
Achievement Standard: Describe the elements, design, and purposes of a marketing plan.

From the National Standards for Business Education © 2007 by the National Business Education Association, 1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191.