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Web-Based Business Education Methods Course

A Web-Based Business Education Methods Course developed by business teacher educators and sponsored by NBEA. This Web-based course provides a flexible alternative for learning as well as responds to the need for business teachers across the nation. Developed by practitioners and experts in business education, this tailor-made course provides comprehensive methods instruction and teaching strategies specifically for the business teacher.

Course Syllabus
Module 1: Orientation to Online Learning
Module 2: Business Education-The profession
Module 3: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
Module 4: Managing Student Learning
Module 5: Business Education in Today's Workplace
Module 6: Instructional Delivery Methods
Module 7: Keyboarding, Skill Building, and Emerging Input Technologies
Module 8: Teaching and Learning Resources
Module 9: Teacher as a Facilitator
Module 10: Developing Lesson Plans
Module 11: Evaluation and Assessment
Module 12: Teaching in an Electronic Classroom
Module 13: Professionalism