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Keying In
January 2001, Volume 11, Number 3

Rapid change, new technologies, and the call for higher standards in education have placed increased demands on the teaching profession. To be effective in today's classroom, business educators must keep up not only with changes in their own particular area of expertise, but also those occurring in business, technology, and the world as a whole. In an increasingly global and digital society, educators are expected to know more and do more; they are expected to be consummate professionals. In this issue of Keying In, we examine various aspects of professionalism. Strategies for staying on the cutting edge of key areas, such as technology, changing student demographics, and globalization of business and education, are provided. The role of professional organizations and leadership opportunities is also explored. Business educators can assess their professional progress and reflect on future goals by taking a professional development directory. Other topics addressed include developing professionalism in students, implementing effective time management strategies, and using the Internet as a tool for professional development.

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