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Keying In
March 2001, Volume 11, Number 4

Assessing Online Learning
The explosive growth of the Internet has ushered in a new era of virtual education. There are now over 26,000 Web-based courses available, with estimates of 100 new college courses going online each month. Once considered glorified correspondence courses, online classes are proliferating because of changing student demographics, the increased need for continuous learning, and the Web's unprecedented capacity to deliver course material anywhere, anytime, and to anyone who needs it. But is this mode of learning as effective as the face-to-face learning that occurs in a traditional classroom environment? This question is at the heart of the debate concerning the merits of online course delivery. While much of the research into this new medium of learning is ongoing and inconclusive, we will examine some of the latest thinking on this important topic. Hands-on strategies for teaching effectively on the Web are also provided, including tips on creating effective course Web sites and promoting high student participation and performance levels.

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