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Keying In
November 2001, Volume 12, Number 23

What Business Wants
In this issue of Keying In, NBEA interviews business leaders from a broad spectrum of different industries in order to learn what workplace skills they consider essential in hiring and promoting employees. Among the companies interviewed are Marriott International, Compaq Computer, CNN, LECG, and Abridge, Inc. Business educators will find this information useful in designing their curriculums while students will gain insight into different industries as well as the knowledge and qualifications they will need to compete in the workplace of the 21st century. Strategies for preparing both traditional and nontraditional students for the job-seeking process in a difficult economic climate are also offered. Many businesses, for example, are being more selective in their recruiting and are using such techniques as written tests, phone screenings, behavioral interviews, and team interviews in the hiring process. And because communication skills continue to lead the list of characteristics employers seek in job candidates, a special section is devoted to the discussion of enhancing oral and written communication competencies.

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