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Keying In
January 2002, Volume 12, Number 3

Emerging Technologies
Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer and inventor of the fixed-position satellite, once observed that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." While it is difficult to predict the "magic" we will be using 10 years, even five years, in the future, this issue of Keying In outlines some of the major emerging technologies that will affect the way we live, work, and learn within the next few years. Among the technologies addressed are handheld computers, electronic books, voice recognition software, digital video, smart boards, online learning, security hardware and software, and e-commerce. A section on teaching the latest technologies is also provided. Business educators will gain insight into the changing definition of computer and technological literacy and obtain tips on how to stay current in new and emerging technologies. Teaching strategies for incorporating the latest technologies into the classroom as well as heightening student awareness about some of the social and ethical issues surrounding new technologies are also offered. Exercises utilizing the Internet to learn about new technologies are included as well.

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