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Keying In
March 2002, Volume 12, Number 4

The Changing Teaching Environment
In a post-Columbine era, where more than a dozen attacks by armed students have occurred in various parts of the country, a widespread fear of school violence has taken hold and undermined confidence in our schools. In 2000, 70 percent of adults polled felt a shooting was possible at their neighborhood school. While school shootings are more likely to attract national attention, other criminal and antisocial behaviors are much more widespread in schools: vandalism, theft, fist fights, bullying, sexual harassment, rape or other forms of sexual battery, and drug and/or alcohol abuse. In this issue of Keying In, we examine some of the risk factors and societal issues surrounding negative student behaviors. Strategies for maintaining safe and secure schools are explored; they include safe school initiatives, zero tolerance policies, and warning signs that teachers can learn to identify in potentially violent students. Teachers will also gain insight into ways to foster successful learning environments. Effective classrooms tend to convey the expectation that all students can achieve academically and behave appropriately, while at the same time appreciating individual differences. A section on fostering psychological resilience in students is also provided.

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