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Keying In
September 2002, Volume 13, Number 1

Managing the Collaborative Learning Environment
The ability of employees to work in teams is becoming more important as global trade grows and companies continue to adopt new technologies and new business practices. Today's workers are expected to handle complex information and ideas, to think critically, and to problem-solve in groups with persons of various backgrounds. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that employers consistently rank teamwork skills near the top of their list of most desirable skills in prospective employees. In order to prepare students for a workplace where they will be expected to work in teams, business teachers need to incorporate collaborative learning strategies into their teaching methodologies. Collaborative or cooperative learning is a teaching strategy that involves the participation of students in structured small group activities. In this issue of Keying In, we explore the essential elements that characterize effective collaborative learning environments and offer tips for successfully integrating collaborative learning activities into the classroom. Several collaborative learning exercises are provided as well.

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