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Keying In
January 2003, Volume 13, Number 3

Personal Finance
The accounting scandals and collapse of such corporate giants as Enron and WorldCom have focused national attention on the need for financial literacy. A nationwide survey sponsored by the Jump$tart Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the teaching of personal finance in grades K-12, found that high school seniors know even less about credit cards, mutual funds, insurance, and other personal finance basics than they did five years ago. In the 2002 survey, seniors answered 50.2% of the questions correctly, a failing grade based upon the typical grade scale used by schools (90-100%=A, 80-89%=B, etc.). Yet while financial literacy has hit a new low, the demand for more sophisticated skills in money management continues to grow. In this issue of Keying In, we explore some of the gaps in education and what business educators can do to increase the financial literacy of their students in such vital areas as budgeting, credit, comparison shopping, taxes, saving and investing, and diversification. A special section is devoted to a discussion of women and money issues. Hands-on exercises are provided as well.

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