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Keying In
November 2004, Volume 15, Number 2

Reinvigorating Your Passion for Teaching
"You know the ones: the teacher who never allows a student to enter the classroom without first shaking his hand and making him feel welcome; the teacher who launches a new course every year, letting the student "market" determine whether it should be taught again; the teacher whose students sign up for a class they’ve already taken once, because they learned so much and had so much fun.
These are the passionate teachers, the ones with lightning in their veins, who make the classroom a lively and inviting place, despite facing what Peyton Williams Jr., in the March 2003 ASCD Education Update, called "the harsh realities of bureaucracies, the paperwork that reforms generate, the unrealistic demands . . . and the blame placed on teachers and administrators for education’s failures."

These are the passionate teachers, who excel at both the science and the art of teaching, who understand that learning is both factual and emotional, who are able to both teach and inspire their students, because they understand that so much of teaching is sharing.

And these are their habits."

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