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Membership FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About NBEA Membership

  1. When will my membership start?
    Individual Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum memberships start immediately or after payment is received.  Institutional members must first be approved.

  2. Will membership auto-renew?
    No. Members will receive reminders on their upcoming expiration date and be required to renew annually.

  3. What is my expiration date?
    Your membership expiration is on the anniversary of joining, which is always the same date each year. You can log in to and click your profile to find out your expiration date.  Keep in mind, if your expiration date is July 1, 20XX, and you delay and renew on September 1, 20XX, your expiration date remains July 1 of the following year.  This is to ensure continuous membership, so members do not lose leadership opportunities that require “continuous membership” and there is no break in professional liability insurance coverage. 

    National Business Honor Society and ABTR Institutions are due in the Fall of each by October 1.

  4. Will NBEA notify me when I need to renew? 
    Yes, NBEA will send email notices beginning 90 days prior to your expiration, the another at 1 day before renewal, another communicating lapse one day AFTER expiration.  At one additional final message about a week after expiration. Hardcopy notices will no longer be delivered.  Also, almost every newsletter has the members information, including the expiration date and members username included.

  5. What is the best membership for me? 
    The Platinum membership provides you all the benefits available from NBEA and its divisions. If you are not interested in business education teaching and research, or international business education, a professional Bronze level membership will serve you best. Need more assistance, we would love to speak with you so contact us.

  6. How can I get the most out of an NBEA membership?
    NBEA membership exposes you to thousands of professional business educators. There are passive benefits like receiving first class Journals, news and opportunities to attend professional development webinars. Then there are active opportunities like getting involved in a committee/taskforce or publishing in one of our journals.  Find out more about how to get involved here
  7. How do I upgrade my membership to higher levels and get more benefits?  If your NBEA membership expiration date is less than six months out, you can renew online and choose the upgrade option. If you are more than six months from expiration, contact our office for prompt service to upgrade.

  8. Does NBEA offer refunds? NBEA has a refund policy for different events.  However, there is no refunds on membership transactions and store purchases.

  9. How do I join the International Society of Business Education (ISBE)?
    ISBE membership can be obtained as an add on to NBEA membership. ISBE membership is not available separately. ISBE membership is available as part of the SILVER or PLATINUM membership levels.

If you have other questions please contact us.